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A machine-readable history of cooperation research to search and select studies for on-demand meta-analysis

  • Analyze moderator regression models
  • Estimate publication bias
  • Conduct statistical power analyses
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Cooperation Databank

An annotated history of empirical studies on human cooperation in social dilemmas. Social Dilemmas are situations that involve a conflict of interests and people must choose between a behavior that is best for themselves and a behavior that is best for the collective. Cooperation is choosing to do a behavior that is best for the collective. CoDa contains six decades of studies on individual decision making in dyads and groups facing social dilemmas

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CoDa creates opportunity for discovery

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Search for Studies

You can search and find studies that measured or manipulated variables, studied specific samples, used certain methods, and much more…

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Analyze the Literature

Select studies and implement on-demand meta-analyses, build moderator models that predict effect sizes, conduct statistical power analyses, and more…

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Visualize Trends

Plot the history of cooperation research on tables and graphs that allow you to instantly identify trends in the literature.

Benefits of CoDa

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Improving Confidence

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Speed and Efficiency

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Replicate and Reproduce

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Estimate Publication Bias

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